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Quality Assessment Manual

The Quality Assessment Manual for the Internal Audit Activity has been updated to incorporate requirements of The IIA's International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF) and the update to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing effective January 2017. While the basic structure and concepts remain the same from the previous version of the manual, enhancements and additional implements have been added. Highlights include:

  • More clarity between a full assessment, a self-assessment with independant validation, and internal assessments. A new chapter has been added especially for internal assessments.
  • A streamlined planning process with clear differentiation between planning and fieldwork activities.
  • Appendices redesigned in a user-friendly format with clear linkage between all implements. Some have been redesigned to include evaluation of conformance, identification of successful internal audit practices, and opportunities for continuous improvement centrally located in one section.
  • A new document to facilitate the review of working papers by the assessor or assessment team.
  •  A revised reporting format t more clearly present assessment results.
  • A new report specific to organizations that perform a self-assessment with independant validation.

This is a valuable resource for all organizations with a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program or for those entities responsible for conducting external assessments. It is a must-have reference for every internal audit activity and chief audit executive's (CAE's) resource library.

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CIA Learning System

NEW! Version 6.0

The IIA's CIA Learning System is The Institute of Internal Auditor's own premier-quality CIA review course. It was designed by the experts to teach the entire 3-Part global Certified Internal Auditor exam syllabus to CIA candidates and internal auditors looking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Parts 1 - 3 online + print:
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CRMA Exam Study Guide

CRMA - Certification in Risk Management Assurance

by Francis Nicholson and Chris Baker

Earn your CRMA Certification and take the next step in your career

The CRMA Study Guide, 1st edition, compiles the comprehensive review material you need to prepare for the Certification in Risk Management Assurance exam. Crucial information is presented in this one-of-a-kind study guide for each of the four official exam domains:

  1. Organizational governance related to risk management
  2. Principles of risk management processes
  3. Assurance role of the internal auditor
  4. Consulting role of the internal auditor

Written and reviewed by an international team of practitioners and academics the study materials are designed for a global audience. Included are sample CRMA exam practice questions with suggested solutions, the exam syllabus, and a list of supplementary study materials.

With current information and trends, explanatory examples, and useful figures and tables, the CRMA Exam Study Guide will not only serve as an aid to taking the exam but will also enhance your knwoledge of risk management assurance for audit-related activity.

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CGAP Exam Study Guide

CGAP - Certified Government Auditing Professional

by Thomas F. O'Connor and Stephen L. Morgan

Advance your Government Auditing Career with the CGAP Certification

The CGAP Study Guide, 4th edition, has been updated and revised to give you a comprehensive and highly readable study guide for passing the CGAP exam. Crucial information is presented for each of the four official exam domains:

  1. Standards, Governance, and Risk/Control Frameworks
  2. Government Auditing Practice
  3. Government Auditing Skills and Techniques
  4. Government Auditing Environment

The study materials are ideal for both the U.S. or international version of the CGAP exam. (For those outside the U.S., additional study is suggested only for Domain 4.)

With current information and trends, explanatory examples, and useful tables, the CGAP Exam Study Guide will not only help you pass the CGAP exam but also position you to advance your career in government auditing.

Please note: To enhance your exam preparation, CGAP Exam Study Questions (in print or on CD) is available to purchase separately from The IIA Research Foundation Bookstore.

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Internal Audit Foundation

Assessing and Manging Strategic Risks
What, Why, How for Internal Auditors

by Richard J. Anderson and Mark L. Frigo

Today's dynamic risk environment has increased the need for internal auditors to help their businesses identify, address, and manage the strategic risks facing the business. Research on internal audit stakeholders conducted as part of The IIA's Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) 2015 study confirms that executive management and directors expect and value internal audit expanding its roles to include both providing assurance over the organization's strategic risks and assisting management to enhance their risk management processes over strategic risks.

While the book discusses key concepts and possible roles and activities for internal audit related to strategic risks, the primary focus of the book is on two key processes: the assessment of strategic risks and strategic risk management. It provides frameworks on strategy and strategic risks and a basic strategic risk assessment methodology. Also included are helpful tools such as strategy maps, risk heat maps, a strategic risk management diagnostic, and detailed process charts.

This book is designed to provide internal auditors with sound, pracitical advice that can better enable them to meet this critical challenge and add this dimension to their existing risk assessment processes.

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The IIA Research Foundation

Data Analytics
Elevating Internal Audit's Value

by W.W.Stippich Jr., B.J.Preber

Today's audit leader struggles with creating an integrated, efficient approach to data mining that maximizes the impact and value the audit department delivers. The objective of the project is to research and design a data analytics framework ranging across a wide spectrum of concepts (such as financial risk, compliance, and fraud) to help internal audit functions to broaden risk coverage and to enhance audit efficiency.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a data analytics framework and use it to accomplish multiple audit objectives.
  • Enhance internal audit efficiency through the use of data mining and analytics. u Eliminate duplicated data mining and analysis efforts across audit and other functions.
  • Determine the optimal effort needed to maximize the framework.

This partnership project between The IIA Research Foundation and Grant Thornton aided in conducting research, providing subject matter experts, and editorial resources to produce the report.

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Internal Audit Foundation

Data Analytics
A Road Map for Expanding Analytics Capabilities

by R.Cline, W.Melhuisch, M.Murphy

The recent evolution of data and analytics provides organizations with limitless opportunities to capture more value. Most organizations know they need to implement analytics in their operations, but many struggle with how best to do that. The material in this book will help managers and decision makers gain the nesessary perspective to develop a strategy or hone existing efforts - even as continued innovation and technological advances are creating new applications for technologies.

Readers will learn about:

  • The keys to analytics success
  • The changing data and analytics needs of companies
  • A digital transformation to unlock analytics
  • Defining, scoring, and determining priorities
  • Detecting trends and patterns through blended data
  • How to measure the value of analytics
  • How to apply analytics to an enterprisewide risk assessment

The insights in this book offer readers specific actions they can pursue to position their organizations - and internal audit specifically -  to unlock the full potential of data and analytics. It will be of interest to executive leaders, chief audit executives (CAEs), and internal auditors who want to make a case for investing in analytics.

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Internal Audit Foundation

Managing Risk in Uncertain Times
Leveraging COSO's new ERM Framework

by Paul J. Sobel, CIA, QIAL, CRMA

Successful organizations figure out ways to effectively manage their risks to thrive in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Some rely on the experience and business savvy of their leaders; many others leverage a more disciplined approach, commonly referred to as enterprise risk management (ERM).

In 2014, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) announced commencement of an update to its 2004 ERM framework Enterprise Risk Management - Integrated Framework. The new framework, published in September 2017, is titled Enterprise Risk Management - Integrating with Strategy and Performance. Designed to help organizations better pursue opportunities and manage threats, the update:

  • Recognizes the importance of strategy and entity performances as the central consideration for risk management.
  • Better distinguishes between internal controls and ERM.
  • Positions ERM as an integral part of decision-making.

Throughout this book, author Paul Sobel provides implications for internal auditors or risk managers, and sometimes both. Theses implications will help them understand the new framework and provide examples of how they can be an integral part of helping their organizations successfully manage risk in uncertain times.

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Internal Auditing: eBook
Assurance & Advisory Services

NEW! From the IIA Research Foundation

Internal Auditing: Assurance & Advisory Services, Third Edition, continues to be the premier international textbook that supports the fast-growing global profession of internal auditing. Written through the collaboration of educators and practitioners, this textbook serves as a cornerstone for internal audit education. It covers key fundamentals of internal auditing that can be applied in an ever-changing business world, serving as a reference and training tool for internal audit practitioners.

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Raise the Red Flag: An Internal Auditor’s Guide to Detect and Prevent Fraud

In Raise the Red Flag, author Lynn Fountain combines principles and theories of fraud prevention and detection with real-world scenarios and hands-on procedures. Whether you are determining your internal audit department’s preparedness to support your organization’s anti-fraud efforts or investigating actual allegations of fraud, Raise the Red Flag provides valuable techniques and approaches you can put into practice right away. This book is one you will return to again and again throughout your internal audit career.

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Internal Audit's Role in Cyber Preparedness

Recent breaches in large corporations and government agencies have illustrated an inability to stop attacks even when significant investments have been made in cyber defense. It's not a matter of it there will be a breach, but when. And that means organizations must create a holistic approach to cybersecurity to be truly prepared before, during, and after an attack.

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