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  • A Journey into Auditing Culture

    A Journey into Auditing Culture

    A Story and a Practical Guide

    S. Jex, FRSA; E.J. Best, FCA

    The relatively new topic of auditing culture is a challenging one for internal audit - the risks and controls are more difficult to identify, assess, and audit. While there are a numer of emerging methods, this book provides both suggested approchaes and a framework of areas to consider when auditing culture.

    Culture itself is dynamic and changes over time, and we can see this as we explore how to audit it. Part of A Journey into Auditing Culture is he story of Alex, the head of internal audit for a global organisation, who is asked by his CEO to audit culture. Like many of us, he is unsure of where to start.

    Each chapter is structured to cover both Alex's challenge and his journey of exploration into this fascinating new area for internal audit. The book offers research and technical tools, key success factors, and important questions internal auditors should be asking when they audit culture in their own oganisations.




    • Verlag: Internal Audit Foundation, Grant Thornton
    • Erschienen 2019
    • Hardcover: 76 Seiten
    • Sprache: English
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