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  • Auditing Social Media

    Auditing Social Media

    A Governance and Risk Guide

    J.Mike Jacka, CIA, Peter R. Scott, APR

    Practical Big-Picture Guidance toward Mastering Social Media

    The most successful businesses are using social media to gain real advantages over their competitors. But do they fully understand the risks? This updated second edition provides internal audit professionals with insight in how to partner with the business to help ensure the pitfalls related to social media are identified and avoided.

    Mick Jacka and Peter Scott, popular authors and leading experts on social media compliance, explore:

    • The history of social media - what has changed and what is to come
    • Broad business uses and risks - growing the engagement and mitigating risk
    • Evaluating governance - board, executive, and lines of defense oversight
    • Social media strategy - delivering value
    • Tactical plans - successful development and evaluation
    • Metrics - effectively measuring success while protecting against excessive risk
    • Regulatory compliance - monitoring regulations
    • IT security - social media as an attack vector

    This edition also includes new and updated information on such areas as monitoring and listening to the social media conversation, protecting the organizations's brand on social media, developing effective and compliant social media policies, and decommissioning social media accounts.

    Auditing Social Media is for anyone charged with reviewing an organizations's social media practices. It has particular value for the practitioner who audits social media, and for the organizations's board. C-suite, and executive management who are developing a social media strategy for the business. It includes a sample audit program and is packed with useful web links to popular social media tools and resources.

    • Verlag: Internal Audit Foundation
    • Erschienen 2019
    • Softcover: 190 Seiten
    • Sprache: English
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