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  • Auditing the Procurement Function

    Auditing the Procurement Function

    2nd edition

    David O'Regan

    Procurement is a major expenditure in most organizations - often the largest or second-largest category - and it comes with its own unique set of dynamics and challenges. This book offers practical advice for auditing the procurement function and provides a summary of the fundamental internal controls that one would expect see in a well-managed organization.

    There have been significant developments and changes in the approach to procurement since the first edition was published. You will learn about:

    • Definitions of procurement
    • Core economic challenges
    • Procurement fraud
    • Ethical and socioeconomic issues
    • Internal controls and the "Three Lines of Defense"
    • Identification of potential vendors

    Auditing the Procurement Function, 2nd Edition, is intended to be of relevance for all types and sizes of organizations globally - in the private sector, the not-for-profit or charitable sectors, local and national government, and international organizations. It will be of interes to internal auditors, external auditors, and all those with an interest in the auditing of procurement (including members of audit committees, procurement professionals, and those who are subject of auditing).

    • Verlag: Internal Audit Foundation
    • Erschienen 2017
    • Softcover: 108 Seiten
    • Sprache: English
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