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  • Collaborative Auditing

    Collaborative Auditing

    James Pelletier; Yuki Matsuura

    The role internal auditors play within their organizations continues to evolve, bringing new opportunities to consistently deliver value through quality work. Collaborative Auditing provides guidance through an understanding that internal audit’s responsibility goes beyond individual audit engagements to ensuring that key stakeholders are left with the knowledge and tools they need to improve processes and address the root causes of issues within their organizations. With step-by-step guides, auditors will learn how to effectively use these tools.

    Auditors will gain:

    • A more robust audit process focused on adding value in support of the organization’s key objectives.
    • Tools and techniques to effectively engage management and build stronger professional relationships with key stakeholders.
    • A framework for addressing the root cause of issues and providing high-impact insights to management.

    Maximize your competency by going beyond the traditional internal auditor’s role to use the audit process to engage and educate key stakeholders in managing their risk and meeting their objectives more effectively.

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