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  • Delivering Audit Reports That Matter

    Delivering Audit Reports That Matter

    Sally F. Cutler; Foreword by Richard Chambers

    Sally Cutler has done it again. Her report-design and report-writing techniques will help you to construct clear and persuasive audit reports that address current and emerging demands. These strategies work whether your organization is small or large, your internal audit activity is long-standing or newly established, or you are a for-profit, not-for-profit, or government organization.

    Leverage Cutler’s expertise. Take advantage of the realistic examples and practical checklists that bring the concepts alive and will help your team produce timely, clear audit reports with impact. Sally Cutler walks you through key strategies for:

    • Evaluating readers and their need.
    • Developing messages
    • Rating audit observations, reports, and the overall status of internal controls
    • Aligning the report design with the organization
    • Structuring and formatting reports for today’s readers
    • Writing clearly and concisely
    • Managing tone
    • Streamlining the writing and review process.

    Sally Cutler is an acknowledged expert on audit reporting writing. Her expertise in document design, reporting processes, and writing quality has benefited the host of internal audit, controls, and compliance groups where she has consulted and provided training throughout her career.

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    • Erschienen 2011
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