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  • Getting to the Truth

    Getting to the Truth

    Practical Enterprise Risk Management

    Larry L. Baker, CRMA, CCSA, CPA

    This book is written by an enterprise risk management (ERM) practitioner for the ERM practitioner and other professionals helping management identify significant risks, effectively manage those risks, and add value to the organization through better achievment of strategic objectives. These professionals include chief risk officers (CROs), vice presidents of ERM, directors of ERM, ERM specialists, strategic planning leaders, corporate risk managers, and internal auditors.

    This book provides real-world experiences and practical, how-to guidance using methods that have been tested and refined over two decades in some of the world's greatest companies. It includes a step-by-step description of two proven approaches to ERM, including supporting forms, tools, and templates that are also available online. It is applicable in all industries, all geographies, and all sizes of companies.

    • Verlag: Internal Audit Foundation
    • Erschienen 2018
    • Hardcover: 125 Seiten
    • Sprache: English
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