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  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property

    Auditing The Process

    James S. Fargason

    lntellectual property is considered one of the most valuable components of an organization's portfolio. Building on the first edition of lntellectua/ Property: Auditing the Process, author James S. Fargason delivers valuable insights for planning and evaluating your audit approach of intellectual property. Fargason provides examples on some of the traditional areas of audit activity as weil as other areas that traditionally are not covered durjng this type of audit.

    Now included in the 2nd edition are:

    • Helpful checklists
    • Illustrative sample audit steps to develop a successful audit strategy
    • Flowcharting the Process and Operational Review
    • Control Testing
    • Substantive Testing
    • Reporting

    Auditing intellectual property is a worthwhile endeavor. With the resources and guidance found in this book, the audit can be performed within a reasonable time and provide potential cost savings to the organization.

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    • Erschienen 2015
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