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  • Survey Risk Management and Mapping Process

    Survey Risk Management and Mapping Process

    Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

    Industry and Research Group

    Translated to English by the IFACI (IIA France), this research report is the result of a study conducted by IFACI on the process of risk management and risk mapping. This book will:

    • Offer two different methods for designing and implementing risk mapping in a organization, presenting various models and tools that can be used.
    • Provide different experiences and practices from a dozen companies that vary in size, structure, culture, and industry.
    • Reconcile management's views on risk mapping and demonstrate that several risk maps can coexist inside the same organization.
    • Verlag: IIA Research Foundation
    • Erschienen 2005
    • Softcover: 77 Seiten
    • Sprache: English
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