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  • The Marketing Strategy

    The Marketing Strategy

    A Risk and Governance Guide to Building a Brand

    Peter R. Scott; J. Mike Jacka

    When it comes to marketing and internal auditing, chances are you don't envision the two departments as part of a collaborative effort for the good of the organization. Marketing is the process of looking at the big picture where creativity can trump controls. Internal audit is the down-to-earth activity where commom sense drives the mitigation of risks.

    The Marketing Strategy: A Risk an Governance Guide to Buidling a Brand shows how these two opposites can work together to drive an organization's marketing success. Peter Scott and Mike Jacka, leading experts on social media compliance an co-authors of Auditing Social Media: A Governance and Risk Guide, explain:

    • The difference between auditing marketing and auditing the marketing department.
    • The key documents unique to marketing - creative brief, brand standards manual. image standards, and media strategies - that help guide operations.
    • The role of brand management, creative services, and media (including social media) in achieving marketing strategies.
    • The unique requirements of agency relationship management, how these support the overall operations, and where thigs might go wrong.
    • Was internal audit can review marketing activities to help ensure risks have been properly identified and appropriate controlss have been established.

    What not only makes the practice of marketing a challenge - but also the performance of an internal audt - are the many ways to develop, implement, staff, and direcct activities. The Marketing Strategy contains practical information that any internal auditor needs to gain a better understanding of marketing.

    • Verlag: IIA Research Foundation
    • Erschienen 2012
    • Hardcover: 156 Seiten
    • Sprache: English
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